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Computer Networking & Security


Server and Client Computer Managemnet


Data Backup & Recovery

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Domain and Web hosting


Website Design and App Development


Cloud Deployment and Administration

Hosted Exchange, PBX or Bakcup Storage


Domain Network Administration


System Development

ERP Solutions. Connected Commerce, Accounting and Sales System


Keeping your system up is our top priority! Helping you grow makes us happy!

If your company is one of those who rely heavily on computers, the last thing you want is a user with an uncooperative computer spending time trying to figure out how to get things to work instead of getting work done. Not good!

For us, simply a happy server is a happy host and a happy workstation is a happy client. When they are both happy they function smoothly.  Smooth is good!

We believe that a good maintenance routine is the key to keep good business functionality. Foreseeing potential problem(s) and providing solutions to preempt its impact greatly reduces or even eliminate headaches and company downtime. A good business backup and recovery plan secures business continuity reducing the chance having an impaired production that could lead to costly damage for your business.  

We offer Managed Services, from Infrastructure Planning to Deployment, Administration and maintenance.  Contact us for free consultation ask us what others do for their business. Allow us to see your current environment so we can tell what we can help you with.  


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